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Ask Ezra by MissPomp Ask Ezra by MissPomp

Aye! Ye can ask me anyfin' ye loik, Sai!

:bulletblue: Name: Ezra

:bulletblue: Age: 23

:bulletblue: Species: Jungle Troll

:bulletblue: Occupation: Repair man/Inventor

:bulletblue: Bio: Ezra is originally from the jungle region of Ooo, near the Savage Kingdom. Most of his kind keep to the outer walls of the kingdom, but a few, like him, venture out to make a life for themselves. Which is what Ezra did. Now he lives within the kingdom, serving as one of the many repairmen of said kingdom. He was an Orcs apprentice when he was 15 and now that his master has retired, he took over his shop. He actually specializes in making booby traps and such (sometimes he adds them to buildings he's instructed to fix, simply because he felt like it whoops). Because of his dexterity, he's the one they go to, to repair things that are too high to reach (and that he can hang by his tail to do it makes it all the more easier for him)

:bulletblue: Personality: Ezra is a good guy, a bit of a hoarder when it comes to tools, scrap metal/wood he uses for his inventions. He's a happy-go-lucky, friendly sort of Troll. Very stubborn and a bit set in his ways. He tends to venture out of the kingdom to look for things he can use to build things with. Despite how he may talk, he's actually very bright and very inventive!

:bulletblue: Quirks: Speaks with a Cockney accent and ends most of his sentences with "aye" or when he's speaking to someone, ends it with Sai (a title of respect used, roughly equivalent to 'Sir/Madame' although it's non gender specific I love The Dark Tower Series ok) He's considered "ugly" in his troll society (his ears are not as large as most, nor his nose and tusks). His type of jungle troll is a bit more feral-like than most so he walks on his knuckles like apes, hangs from his tail like a spider monkey, and has the mannerisms of a gorilla and cat. He prefers to keep crouched, but stands when he's required to. He also has this quirk of purring/growling when he's pleased or when he's pet
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Lia-Luv Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
(( Rofl, not sure if these are open, but I just wnated to leave a comment anyways~ ;D ))

  Carrie:  The fragile little thumbelina size fairy popped up infront of Ezra out of thin air and spoke in a low squeaky little voice and giggled softly, obiously hyper

 "Hiiiiiiii! ~ Oi, okay lemme get straight to the point. From a scale to 1-20, how Globbin' cute do I look standing next ta ya? ;D "
With that said the cute little fairy got onto his shoulders and did a cute little duck face pose with a hand on her hip and the other behind her fragile tinsy head.

(( Carrie: // ))
WantSmoreLove Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
EZ!!!!! QWQ))

Vlad: =//H//= ......

I'm back diaaaaaa~!))
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Ez: *spots vlad and slowly stalks his way over, hsi tail raising in the air as he prepared for the pounce aaaaand...... OI VLADY! *pounces on him like Tigger* 'ey there, Vlady! 'ow are ye, Sai?

welcome back bby >u<
WantSmoreLove Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Vlad: *he was in the middle of carrying some furs and leather out of his home to work on a few things when he heard the voice* Hmm? *he glanced up just in time to see Ez pounce* ACK-OOF! *he looked up, pinned completely to the ground as he attempted to register what he'd asked, still in a slight daze* Hnnn.......Oi, Ez, wot wos tha' all abou'? Yeh scar'd th' 'ell outta meh'! *he chuckled, giving him a slight grin*

QuQ I am so tired now lol
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Ezra: *grins, tail swishing behind him* Just wanted t' say 'ey t' m' good buddy, Vlady~ *hops off of him* Wotcher up to, Vlad?? Where ye off ta, ay? *picks up some leather* workin' on somefin'?

d'oh *snug* UvU
WantSmoreLove Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Vlad: *he sat up and stretched a bit before pulling the other in a playful bear hug* Ye' silly troll. *chuckles and lets him go, standing up* An' aye, 'm abou' ta make a bi' o' gaun'le's. Then 'm gonna go deliver some fur t' some people.

UuU hehehe~
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Ezra: *gets all squished in the bear hug and he laughs and pushes him* yar, ye be just as bad as me, Sai. *hands him the leather back and stands up* Gauntlet, eh? That be moighty interestin'. Want some 'elp deliverin' these things, aye?
AnAdminNamedPaul Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
PattyPan: you there! My big strong friend! care to help me with some heavy supplies? *points to a junk yard* we'll be scrap huntin'~!
LillMaroon-Marx Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2013
Ezra is just too adorable, ok? ;u; Let's see..questions questions..

Canis: Ah, 'ello there Ezra! -he held up a box of scrap metal and grinned a sharp-toothed grin- I brought you some scrap metal. Want t' build something?
SavageJubster Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
(( Little Ezzy is adorgablurh ))
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