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October 19, 2013
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Contest Entry: Nicodeme Riviere by MissPomp Contest Entry: Nicodeme Riviere by MissPomp
Entry for :iconasktheswanprincess: contest

:bulletred:Name: Nicodeme (Nico) Riviere
:bulletred:Age: 27
:bulletred:Height: 6'2
:bulletred:Gender: Cob (Male)
:bulletred:Species: Black Swan (Cygnus atratus)
:bulletred:Nationality: Cajun
:bulletred:Orientation: "Amour est l'amour, non, Cher?"
:bulletred:Occupation: Professional Photographer
:bulletred:Personality and Quirks: A patient and passionate man, who takes his profession very seriously. He extreamly competative, and strives for perfection in all of his photos. Outgoing, outspoken and very approachable. He's always willing to try out new ideas, but is sensative enough to know the boundaries of his subjects and never pushes anything too far. Always keeps his camera close at hand and has a good eye for spotting out good opportunities. He speaks in a thick cajun accent, and when upset, rants in full out French (but it's so very rare for him to become too upset). Always dresses well, even during his days off. Has a taste for the much finer things in life, and tends to keep away from anything that might not meet his tastes.

((I'm currently working on his bio, and will have an update soon. I just wanted to post him up right away cuz I love this guy >u< He's open for rp's! Not sure about questions just yet ; v ; ))

Nico (c) :iconlittlemisspomp:
Swan citizen (c) :iconasktheswanprincess:
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HoneyBeeMelissa13 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Student Filmographer
he should be the photographer at prom :3
MissPomp Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
o0o that's a great idea!!
Tiyuh Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Max: -Quietly striding over to the much older swan, he wasn't quite sure if he knew sign language..? Checking his pack pocket, he was relieved to find that he had indeed brought his pen and paper pad today. Thank goodness. Approaching him, he nervously took a hold of his shirt and gave it a firm tug to get his attention. Now that he had, he quickly scribbled down what had been on his mind and held it up for the other to read.-
"Excuse me, sir! I was wondering if I could.. Ride on your shoulders?"
AskPrincessLeah Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
{Hmmmmmm, I'm gonna go ahead and attempt to start an RP. Pfft, lets see how this goes}

Her camera zoomed in on a bee pollinating a flower. 'You better stay still you little shit', Helena thought to herself as she attempted to focus her shot. It would have been a whole lot easier if she didn't have such a cruddy camera, it took forever and a day to get the stupid thing to focus. The second she saved up enough money, she was flying straight into a new camera. But that was a long ways away, so she simply held her breath, tried to keep herself still, and hoped for the best. It focused and took a picture right as the bee took off. "Oh no. Nonononon." Quickly Helena opened up her photos, praying it had taken before the bee retreated. It hadn't, all the picture showed was a flower with a blurry yellow smudge in the top left corner. "For globs sake!" Anger boiled up inside her, so many great shots had been lost because of this stupid camera and she couldn't stand to think of all the photos that were going to be fucked up in the future. "Glob globbin glob it!" Helena yelled, tightening her grip on her camera and flying after the bee. "Get back on the flower you stupid piece of shit! I'm trying to take pictures!" In her blind rage she almost ran into an innocent bystander, luckily she managed to bring herself to a screeching halt just before impact. "Glob dammit." Helena muttered.
LillMaroon-Marx Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
He's absolutely beautiful ewe I love his nationality and his background and everything!

I'd love to rp with him if that's alright ;u;
SherbertDreams Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh my goooooosshhhhhh rp? Yes? ; u ;
MissPomp Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
lol sure! :aww:
SherbertDreams Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Ah yay! With who with who ill let you choose > U < ))
MissPomp Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013
you go ahead and choose whomever you like UvU 

SherbertDreams Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Um I pick....I pick.....DX.....HNNNNNNNNNGHHHH...... I choose....*incidently throws in molly like misty throws psyduck* Ack wait no Molly you is better suited to rp with barne...oh well U 3 U ))

Molly ran into the dark forest her eyes wide as they reared up. She was terrified of the dark but hunters we're after her and she had no where left to run. She ran and ran but dog barking could be heard in the distance. They were catching up to her even though she.was incredibly quick. suddenly she tripped not seeing the log in her path, and cringed as she twisted her ankle." Oh gee this isn't good.....they'll catch me for sure...."
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