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January 1, 2013
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"C'mon, this way...."

"Gordie, where are we going?" Carmel asked as her boyfriend had suddenly taken her hand during the middle of their New Years party. It wasn't strange for him to randomly take her and drag her to glob knew where to show her something. In fact, she found it rather adorable he would go out of his way to want to show her something, it always made her feel apart of whatever ran through that pumpkin head of his. But tonight he seemed far more distracted than usual, and even more so, when he learned it was nearly ready to strike midnight. So now here he was, leading her down the corridor, with that bright-eyed look she came to call his 'time-for-an-adventure-look

"Yeh'll see, now jus' keep followin' meh. Tha's i', follow th' swee', sultry sound o' mah accen'..."

"Oh you're such a dork, Gordie." she laughed. "I'm not even blindfolded."

"Ah know, bu' yeh jus' love mah accen', so ah though' tha' would give yeh some incentive." he retorted, to which she gave him playful tap in response.

"Well, I'd like to know where we're going when it's so near midnight; you know how your dad loves to make those long and dorky speeches during parties like this (and they're even more funnier when he's drunk like he is now). We don't want to miss that."

"Ach, there will be other long, dorky and drunken dad speeches, trus' meh." he said, now walking into his room (and giving his lazy cat a good scratch on his head as he passed) and then out to his balcony. "Ta da!! Here we are!" he said, flourishing his arm before him dramatically. And she only looked up at him curiously.

"Umm.... yeah, we're at your balcony." she laughed a bit and patted his arm lightly. "Baby, how many pumpkin ales have you had? Five? Six?"

"Ah know where we are, Treasure. Geez....And ah had eigh', bu' tha's nothin' t' meh..." he huffed and then moved forward, only to return with a small oval shaped lantern. "This, Carmel, is why ah brough' yeh ou' here. Uhhh... ok, still no' clear? Yeah, ah can tell. Yeh're given meh tha' "oh mah glob, wha' is he talkin' abou'" look.....ach..... ok." he handed her the lantern and then began, in a very regal and formal tone (a tone he only used when he had to do some public speaking. "Every year, usually durin' th' Autumn Festival, i's tradition tha' th' denizens o' Gourd release a lantern int' th' air by th' end o' th' nigh', before midnight, yeh see." he began, as he tapped the lantern lightly. "This here lantern is mean' t' carry ou' our thanks for a good harves', as well as our hopes and our wishes for somethin' equally bountiful for the comin' year...." and now dropping his regal tone, he led her towards the edge of the balcony. "Yeh had missed i' las' year, and ah really wanted yeh t' see i' this year, bu'... well, yeh saw how crazy th' festival go'. We didn' have time t' do this, which pompon sucked, yeh know? Ah was soooo mad." he chuckled and leaned forward onto the ledge and looked up at the sky. "Ah know i's sounds ah bi' silly and even childish, bu' tha's always been mah favorite par' o' th' festival. Oh yeh should see i' someday, Treasure." he sighed and oh, how his eyes began to brighten with "that" look of his again. And he rose a hand to wave across the twinkling night sky. "When th' whole kingdom releases them int' th' sky and for ah momen'.... i's no' dark anymore... is like a new dawn... like watchin' a new day arise... and i's so beautiful....." He turned to her then and smiled, reaching out to light a match and then the wick within the lantern. "Go on...." he placing a hand onto her shoulder and gave it a light squeeze and spoke gently. "...make a wish... and then le' i' go...."

She had been listening quietly and most intently and she could imagine it all, as he described it, right before her eyes, and oh how she wished she could have seen it. It was amazing how such a loud man such as him, whom was considered by many to be "not too bright", could say something so utterly profound, that it was mesmerizing. He always said he had his moments, and she supposed this was one of those times. And at his touch, she was pulled away from her reverie and she looked up at him, and how happy he was looked, practically excited! This was clearly something he loved and it made her overwhelmingly happy; he wanted to share this moment with her and her alone, and it made her heart soar. "Ok....." she finally answered, but then held the lantern out to him. "But you do it with me."

Ah now that had him smiling even more, and he readily held the other side gently in his fingertips, while he draped and arm about her. After a moment of silence, he had glanced over at her, her eyes clenched so tight, as if she were wishing for something with all her might, and he would remember that expression from that day on, and it would be one of his most cherished memories. And now she opened her eyes and turned to smile up at him. "Ready?"
"You betcha." she answered and the both of them then released it into the air. Her hand was first to leave it, and it looked as if it would not float, but he gently gave it a small push and now both of them watched as her lantern.... no, their lantern, began to float away into the sky.

Neither of them spoke of their wish, and neither of them needed to. Because in that moment, they both knew it was the same: That they could be blessed with the luck of making equally good friends. To have enough laughter to enjoy their good times, and to have enough strength to make it through their bad ones. And most importantly, that they two, could be here, just like this, next year, to share this moment again.
And for years to come.....

"Happy New Year, Carmel."

"Happy New Year, Gordie."

((Yup!!! There you go!! Wanted to start the New Year off with this!!!! Got kind of choked up writing this ok lol
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! And the music is titled First Love))
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