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January 3, 2013
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Please..... by MissPomp Please..... by MissPomp
How did it come to this?
How was it that just a few hours ago he had spoken to her, and he had heard her laugh at one of his stupid comments and how she ended their conversation with: I'll be there in a bit. See you soon.
He should have never let her walk alone, he knew he should have, at least, met her half way, regardless if it would have made a difference or not; he should have and he didn't. Because she said she would be there in a bit and she would see him soon....
She would see him soon.....

But soon never came, and after 15 minutes, he became restless. Then 15 more minutes in, he became anxious and five minutes more and he was prepared to go out; he told himself he was just being paranoid, of course he was. He always was- pomp, even she's told him so (and assured him it was an endearing trait), but paranoid or not, he was ready to ride out.... and then that man came, carrying in his arms the very thing he was about to venture for. And that moment thereafter was a blur to him; he remembered running up to him, starring only at his poor Treasure, and the blood... oh Glob the blood...
There was yelling then, he called out for someone... Gregory, most like, and that he had took her from the man---Knot? No, Nox, that was the name. His name was Nox-- and held her close. And the rest then was lost to him. But he was told that he was calling to her, talking to her, to rouse her, but she was unresponsive and that it took quite the effort to take her from him then.

That was three hours ago....

And during those three hours, he was furious. Oh yes. He was furious that something like this could happen to someone so precious, he was furious that these things, whatever they were, still roamed about (who knew how many others they had harmed already) but what he was mostly furious about, was of himself. He could not protect her, his darling Treasure, his Carmel... he had swore to her that he would always protect her.... and he failed.
So now here he was... sitting at her bedside, watching her, intently, for some sign that she would wake. Gregory had told him that the lacerations on her body were deep, but not life threatening; she had dislocated her shoulder blade and that was set to right... but the blow to her head left her unresponsive. There was not telling when or...if she would wake. But he would hear nothing of that.

He would prove them wrong by staying by her side, watching her and speaking to her. He would get her to wake, no matter how long it took. And during that time, oh how he wanted to reach out to hold her hand, to brush away her hair, caress her cheek... but she looked so fragile and he wouldn't dare. No, he would wait as soon as she awoke.
She would wake, of course she would, he was sure of it. Why, she was a strong girl, a real fire cracker.... she wouldn't let something like this take her down..... she wouldn't....she couldn't.... Any minute now, he knew it!

But that was yesterday...

He was so sure she would have woken yesterday, and now, as the sun rose, casting an orange glow across the room, almost like fire, he leaned forward, holding his hands together and bit his lip, swallowing up the lump that was forming in his throat once again, clearing his throat some before speaking. "Treasure..... suns up...." he muttered, smiling half heartidly as he looked down at her with tired eyes.
"Time t' ge'' o' ah n-new day.....heh"
Still nothing.
"R-Rise....and shine. C'mon, lazy-b-bones..." he choked out, trying to let out a small chuckle that sounded so hoarse and not let the silence get to him. Oh he was trying, he was trying so hard not to break. Last thing he needed was for her to wake up and see him crying like a big baby.
"Carmel....." he swallowed thickly again; pomp, his eyes were stinging so badly, and as he set his hand down upon hers, ever so gently, he let out a choked sob and bowed his head.

"Please... Please.... wake up.... Please..."

((This is a continuation of this: so yeah, I'm just gonna...ahaha.....QHQ ......... T A T *curls up and gross sobbles in the corner as she's consumed with feels. Thank you for reading~ Also, as time consuming this was, I am uber proud of it QwQ))

Carmel (c) :iconaskcarmelapple:
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My dear lady might i say how you've improved. This is quite the lovely picture and it is definatly, making people react in the right way, which is i'm sure what you intended. I enjoy the feeling of warmth this gives off even though it is such a sad picture, it radiates how he feels for her, and as i said in my comment, i feel it's like it says hope. Which i am sure thats exactly what gordie is doing. If you want a critique on the technique the only thing id say be careful about is the drapery, only for the fact it is in the center of the picture and has such a dark shade of green; so as a result it draws the eye toward it, when the focus is supposed to be on the two. So the only advice i have in if you wanna keep that in mind for the future is dont make the color so (dominant?) i guess still make it green but more muted, so it doesnt draw attention away from the subject at hand. Ok i am done here and i shall end it with dont stop drawing because my goodness you just improve every day and it shows in your art, so keep going cause it will be worth it in the end.~
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Tiyuh Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Read this like...a week ago?
Came back and reread it, and I kinda cried. Like..Holy crap.
You're a really good writer, Dia. ;v; </3
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2013
QvQ d'oh thank you I actually suck but thank you
Ask-princess-Naomi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Thank you. For makin me cry //crawls in corner// QAQ ))
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
QAQ I'm sorry!! *crawls into corner with you* Q^Q
AskCeilaTheLamb Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013
All the feels omg, this is so amazing, you've made me cry, the story the artwork it's all so moving!! Whbeisjhrjwokf *cries in the corner* brilliantly done!!! It's so soososoososos sadddd :iconcraiplz: ))
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Q3Q d'oh!!! *hugs and snugs you* Thank you dear :iconhappytearplz:
AskCeilaTheLamb Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
*snuggles* mhm <3 it's only the truth~!
Ask-Rainbow-Princes Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
so freakin sad I really hope Caramel wakes up
MissPomp Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
; 3 ; me too
Ask-thebeeguard Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
((( FUUUU- Oh my glob my heart asdffghj my flippin heart! its broken into tiny pieces *gross sobbing* QHQ )))
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