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January 8, 2013
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St. Abadeers: Gordon (Gordie) McCrea by MissPomp St. Abadeers: Gordon (Gordie) McCrea by MissPomp
Student Application for :iconst-abadeers:

Name: Gordon (Gordie) McCrea

Age: 17

Year: Junior

GPA: C Student

Possessions: Duffle bag (its like Mary Poppins bag, always full of random things he'll think he needs for the day lol), his ipod, food of any sort (mostly muffins or energy bars)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'3

Nationality: Scottish

Part-time Job: Works part time at his fathers construction company

Personality: One of the most friendliest jocks you'll ever meet. He usually a joker, always cracking jokes, a bit of a loud mouth (and curses some, whoops). He's not the brightest crayon in the box, but his determination and drive make up for it in the long run~

History/Bio: For the first 8 years of his life, Gordie and his parents lived in Scottland with his grandparents until his father decided to move to the US to start his own architectural business. Because of this, he can speak fluent Gaelic since his grandmother insisted he learn it. As a child, Gordie was rather shy, short and rather sickly. He was the type who, if someone had a cold, he was the first to catch it and the last to lose it. So naturally, he was picked on by the other kids, and more often than not, he'd go home beat up (he would be the one initiating the fights standing up for himself) This continued up until he hit the 7th grade, when puberty finally struck over the summer and now he towered over most of his class. Not that he minded. In fact, it gave him a new view on life (literally and figuratively) and now he was determined not to be the frail, shy kid that he was. He took an immediate affinity for sports and joined in as many of them as he could. And he began to work out almost religiously. He's a bit of a health nut because of it, but due to his sweet tooth, he will indulge in a candy bar once in a while ALL THE TIME. And despite having been bullied for so long, he never became bitter about it, and does not condone any bullying of the sort.

Likes: Sweets, muffins, working out, sports, games, going out, girls, music, History and Geography

Dislikes: Every class that isn't gym or history or geography, corn, getting sick

Classes: English, Geography, Home Ec, History, Woodshop

Clubs: ??

Sports Teams: Football, Boxing, Rugby, Wrestling, Lacrosse (Will add more when I think of it lol)

((OMG comparing this to my last au of Gordie.... dear lord the change OHO I'm so ashamed of it ))
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(( would you wanna RP with my AU OC Colton?? :) ))
((omg amazing xD can i try and rp with him? ovo i have one for my oc Tuko but i only have it on paper right now xD))
((okey ^u^ i was hoping to have him on the football team also xD))
Tuko:*The tall brown haired boy was sitting by himself in the Gym he sighed a bit leaning back and looks around as if waiting for someone*
Gordie: *walking into the gym, looking a bout quickly. He had misplaced a book and he couldn't figured where in the world he had left it. so he was retracing his tracks and he was hoping it would be somewhere in the bleachers* Ach... how could ah have forgotten mah book...god damn i'... *mumbling and grumbling to himself*
*He turned his head and slightly waves to get Gordie's attention* Heya!.. *He points to the top of the bleachers where a book was sitting* that yours Dude..? *he stands up and gets it then Walks over Handing it to Gordie*
Gordie: *looks up when he was waved to and oh dear lord the relief he felt when he saw his book* Oh man.... bro yeh have nooo idea how grateful ah ahm tha' yeh found tha'... *goes over to him ad takes the book* thanks man.
No Problem ..Gordie right..? *He smiles kindly* i've seen you during practice
Gordie: Yeah, tha's meh. Durin' practice? *chuckles* which one? Ah practice for a lo' o' things ^^;
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oh damn... gordie's attractive o-o}}
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