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December 2, 2013
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Wait it out by MissPomp Wait it out by MissPomp
The storm twin sighed and glanced out the window at the Prince down below as he began to play another song. The last one was pretty jamming, but this one seemed a lot sadder. Oh boy, she could practically hear the heartbreak in that one. 
And it didn't seem to go unnoticed to her sister, who had now hid her face into her arms. If she curled up any smaller she'd look like a ball of fluff. 
"C'mon Carls. Go and talk to him. You know you wanna."

"No I don't Cami." her sister replied and quickly. "And I don't wanna see him at all either, ok!"

"Well, then what are ya gonna do?" the darker skinned twin asked, as she floated over her sister, tugging her arm a bit, but there was no budge. "You just gonna sit there all day and not come out?" 

"Damn right I am." was Carla's answer, lifting her head up from her arms. "He'll give up eventually... and then he'll leave and that'll be that."

"Is that what you really want though?" Camille looked out the window and listened as the Prince (Deck? No, his name was Ace. Right) continued to play. "Didn't you just tell me the other day that you kinda wished you had a chance to talk to him again?" she looked down at her sister, and found her to be absolutely silent. That was very out of the norm for her and she didn't like it. Hoo boy, Carla had it bad. "Carls---"

"I don't wanna talk to him, Cami!" she snapped. "How many times am I gonna have to--"

"Oh fluffin' glob, Carla!" normally she was a lot more patient with her stubborn sister, but right now she had just had it! "You do want to, but you're being stubborn, as always." she held up her hand as her sister made to protest her remark. "Shut up for a minute sweetie, and lemme finish. And afterwards, you can tell me whatever you want. And judgin' by that glare of yours, you will." she patted her knee, at least to show that she was not going to berate her further. "Now listen... I love you, you know that. And I love how strong and independent you are and how you don't take crap from no one. But you tend to let that get in the way of your relationship with people. Like... him, for example." Oh that indignant look across her face! If looks could kill, Cami was sure she would have been a dead cloud by now.

"Cami... the guys' a well-known womanizer. Are you seriously standin' up for him?"

"Well... yes, and no." she replied. "I'm not sayin' that what he's done is right. Of course it's not. It's pretty crummy stuff. BUT! Listen, Carls. Listen to what he's playin'. Think about all the things he's done to get your attention. If he didn't think you were just some other notch on his belt, do you think he'd be out there right now?" she answered before her sister could. "No, he wouldn't.... People make mistakes, sweetie. And sometimes it takes somethin', or someone, to make you realize them. And if it makes you want to make up for them somehow...well." she paused and they both sat in silence as the last note from the song died away, and she hoped her sister let her advice sink in, if only just  little. "Don't you think he deserves one more chance, Carla? Just one?" 

But Carla did not say a word. She simply sat there, looking away from her and hugging her legs close, but by the look on her face, she knew she had heard and she was thinking. And that was good enough for her. 

She smiled and got to her feet, giving her sister a pat on her white fluff of hair and turned to leave the room. "I'mma go and see if your friend out there would like a glass of water.... You make up your mind about what you wanna do, ok?" 

".....ok Cami...." she answered. "ok......"

fffffffffffffffffffffffff wow how old is this right? I swear to god, this answer was a long-time coming, and it's only part 1 of 2!! But thanks to my hiatus and my art block, I wasn't able to answer it as soon as I wanted. But better late than never right?? I'm going to color this later, I swear. I just wanted to post this asap 

Carla & Camille (c) :iconmisspomp:

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I really hope no one gets hurt (physically).
Nah, not this time UvU
the poses u used alone was instant fave<3

d'oh >u< thank you ; v ; 
DuchessFluffybutts Dec 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Trying so hard to hold im my squee and my gee of delight! like ahhfsfrogj so much cuteness and stubbornness
>U< thank you!
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